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Pam – Slamming Pam

 “Pam brings that sweet pussy back for Sam to enjoy” Sam wets up Pam’s hot box ready for some hot and hard loving… For our regulars, Pam requires no introduction. If you are new to this, Pam is a delicious experienced slice of Latin Pet Girl lovelines

publish January 31, 2020 17677903
TigerLily – Ride The Tiger

“TigerLily takes her petlove to a new level” TigerLily’s tight little button is perfect for bringing dogs to hard climax… Greetings Petfans, presenting the second installment in the training of TigerLily. TigerLily is such a sweet and kind-hearted soul

publish January 30, 2020 522238203
Alma – Meet Alma

“Alma’s hot pussy receives her first doggy sex injection” Alma meets Sam – soon to be her first K9 lover… Alma is an attractive mature Lady from Mexico. As we know, extra years bring extra experience. It’s Alma’s first time with a dog, but the La

publish January 26, 2020 9757877
publish January 14, 2020 2348783

Knotty – Rocky

publish January 14, 2020 783426136
Mary – Team Russia

I’ve put this as a post, so if you have any additions, corrections or suggestions please pop them in the comments and I will tag them on as we go along. CHITE – Hypothetically delicious Whopper competitor, a ‘Cheeseburger Bite’ (Ch-ite), aka a del

publish January 14, 2020 3426789
Bandits Without Honor

K9Lady – Ariel And Ronny

publish January 13, 2020 235404
Lena – Böses Mädchen

“Naughty K9 slave Lena, reporting for duty…” Cool but naughty dog slave Lena has been a bad girl. Some discipline is required. Suited up for use, the young wildling sits patiently chained to the door, for her Master to apply the appropriate correction. F

publish January 13, 2020 442344881
Extreme Makeout

Jenny Simpson – Extreme Makeout

publish January 12, 2020 144327
Vixen First Meet Sex With Horse

Wir machen zusammen ein Picknick auf deiner Pferdeweide, dein Liebling grast ganz in der Nähe und wir essen ein bisschen Käse mit Trauben und trinken ein Glas Rotwein dazu. Es ist sehr warm, die Sonne scheint und wir ziehen uns gegenseitig aus, um die Sonne

publish January 12, 2020 35347639
Lise Loves Horses – First Time With Maverick

Let me begin by telling you that I am BI.   I had been doing my neighbor for a few years and during that time he had discovered that I had a strange fetish.  I liked to have my nipples stroked until they got hard and if you kept them hard, I would do

publish January 12, 2020 545347715
artofzoo Cookiecrew Freebie 2

“ Cookiecrew Freebie 2” Something a bit special for the hardcore Pet Fans. Our very own soap opera! This is great 🙂 Continuing on where “Naughty Girl” left off, “Night and Day” is the continuing saga of Mama Mochas vision to establish a bra

publish January 12, 2020 523427029

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