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nyx – Latex for dog

Dear members, Nyx sent us two new movies. This description is for both movies. In one movie, she is dressed in beautiful white clothes and, in the other movie, she is dressed in an S&M suit, buttoned up to the neck with a collar around her neck. In both movies, she shows events in her room. Her dog always wants her body and her hot pussy very much. He shows that in every video, as well as in these two.

As I have mentioned many times, Nyx doesn’t have a cameraman, and she records everything by herself with two cameras. The sex she has is very aggressive and her dog has no mercy to her. It’s a great pity that those scenes can’t be recorded in detail. However, in every video of hers, it’s enough to imagine her dog aggressively pushing and shoving his dick deep inside her.

In the video where she is dressed in white clothes, she is presented as a good fairy, with a beautiful mask on her face. In the first attempt, her dog tried to win her, but he failed, and his dick grew, and he failed to enter her. After this attempt, she tried to move; however, her dog immediately got her down in the doggy-style position, and with the erect dick, he attacked her body again. He shoved it in and did the job all the way. Nyx remained satisfied, and her dog sprayed his sperm deep in her pussy.

In the video where she is dressed in a very provocative black suit that is close-fitting, she looks like a slave to her dog. It was her goal. The suit has a hole only at the spot where her dog needs to have free access to her hot pussy. After a very short game, he humps her and pushes his dick in her very easily. He fucks her, and calms down for a moment, as if he wanted to give her some rest… After the sex, Nyx takes a glass, squeezes his sperm out of her pussy and pours it into her mouth…

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